A black-and-white photo of the author in a black-and-white polka dotted shirt. She is wearing her stethoscope around her neck and is holding a yellow rose, which is the only part of the picture with color.

My Medical Journey

1st Year Medical Student  \  Columbia V. P&S Class of 2022  |  Education Chair, Q Clinic

A person carries with them identities, experiences, and ambitions that influence any journey they embark upon. I am, first and foremost, a young woman passionate about expanding access to quality, dignified healthcare. As I pursue my degree in medicine, a number of identities and experiences inform my decisions. You can see all posts in about my medical journey here, or you explore how each identity influences this journey by clicking on the photos below.

Are you a student and looking for tips? Check out my Surviving 101 posts.

Black-and-white photo of author from beneath, with trees and apartments rising above her. Her yellow shirt and the yellow leaves of the trees are recolorized. A black panel on the right of the image says "Rural Child, Big City. I grew up in a Texas town of less than 100 people. Now I'm in the largest city in the US pursuing a degree in medicine. These rural roots mean that I care strongly about access to healthcare, regardless of income, any and all identities, or immigration status." A black-and-white photo of the author on a sick day, with messy hair and a sweater. The sweater has been recolorized and it is yellow. A dark rectangle on the right side says "Living with Chronic Illness. Ever since I was 15, I have been living with an autoimmune disorder that is, by many measures, a medical disability. As someone who is both a patient and a future doctor, I view health and healthcare in a different way that I would if I were healthy."

A black-and-white photo of the author, close up on her face. Her hair is short and wavy, and her yellow shirt has been recolorized. Her yellow-gold eye shadow has also been recolorized. A dark rectangle on the right says "The Big Q. Religion can provide a way to find meaning in the ups and downs of life. However, the kind of churches I attended as a child promoted harmful attitudes on gender and sexuality. Many of my identities contribute to my dedication to justice and respectful care for all."


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