Day Three: Hanging in There

During orientation, all of brand new medical students were told that learning information during the preclinical years of medical school is like drinking from a fire hose. It’s overwhelming. Taking it all in is not recommended.

I will definitely say that on day two, during my first anatomy lab, I did feel that fire hose. I especially felt it because, after lab and an extra hour spent teaching what we did to the other half of the group, I came home and was so exhausted I barely got through a shower, dinner, and glancing at my notes before passing out at 9PM.

But today we had a Foundations of Clinical Medicine course, a course that is supposed to make us think and reflect but is also a kind of “recess” from the science-heavy classes we’re otherwise taking. There was very little to review from today, so I was able to catch up on the reviewing I meant to do after anatomy lab yesterday. I confidently pointed out all the nerves and arteries and muscles on our 3D models, I reviewed other material from other science-based classes, and previewed for tomorrow’s classes. And I feel relieved.

I feel fortunate to actually have an easy slide into the first week of medical school. Thank god for some of my hardest premedical classes. Some of these classes (like neurobiology) I took almost 3 years ago, but everything I’m learning seems familiar and I’m able to grasp it very quickly. I’m sure that won’t last, but at least I am able to develop some study habits (like previewing lectures the day before and taking notes, so that I only have to fill in the gaps during lecture) in a relatively safe environment.

We’ll see how these first exams go, of course.

But right now, I’m breathing. I only lost two plants (a hen & chicks and my baby toes) in the move. My cat didn’t get an upper respiratory infection from all the stress. My dishes are (half) done. I’m ahead of my school work. I’m actually writing a blog, and this morning I wrote 500 words in my novel. Sure, I’m spending 6ish hours per day studying to stay ahead, but I think it’s going okay, for now.

(I’m afraid I’m peaking, and I’m afraid of the inevitable fall. Stay tuned. I’m sure that blog post will be much more interesting).

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