I’m Being Forced into the Minimalist Lifestyle (and Actually, I Don’t Mind)

I am moving from a 750 square foot apartment in Central Texas to a 260 square foot studio in NYC.

And I’m doing it in a Camry. With two people and cat.

There’s not much room for crap that doesn’t matter. This move is making me think twice about everything I own, from my shelf full of book to extra sweaters (so bulky to pack!) to my hand-me-down set of casserole dishes.

In essence, I’m being forced to start life in NYC as a minimalist. I gave my sister all of my dishes and will buy the standard two plates/two bowls/two forks/two spoons kind of set up once I am in New York. I will have no dishwasher and know I don’t like washing dishes, so having dishes to pile up is not an option. I gave myself two boxes for ALL of clothes — I’m talking sweaters, coats, professional, and casual, everything — and told myself that if it doesn’t fit, it doesn’t ship. I gave back all my furniture except a small coffee table/chest combo, which I am also using as the single box I am allowed to fill with books — because, if left to my own devices, I could fill an entire library with books.

And to be honest? It feels freeing.

There’s nothing a clean palette to make yourself excited about your fresh start. My wardrobe has been whittled down to the pieces I care about, nothing more. Every decoration I bring holds real meaning to me. Every book is my favorite. I’m actually packing my car right now around the transport of my most prized possessions: my cat and my plants. And it feels good.

I’ll be posting more updates about the move as we go along. I know I fell off the blogging bandwagon a bit with being sick, and then with all this moving business. I’m leaving Texas on Tuesday. Can you believe it? I can’t. So you can bet that I’ll be writing about this nerve-wracking (yet exciting) journey so that I can make sure I am fully processing it.

As a final note, my cat is not happy about the move at all. You can follow her thoughts and sassy comments about the move (plus pictures of the drive, once we start our road trip) on Instagram.

See ya later!

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