Photo of plant in a tea cup

10 Posts & 18 Followers

Fifteen followers may not sound like a lot, but it’s an encouraging milestone for a blogger just starting out.

Last week, I made a resolution to write something every day, no matter what it was, for the 21 days until I move to NYC for medical school. My rationale behind this challenge was to force myself to be vulnerable, since it makes me very uncomfortable to have other people read my unfiltered writing. Vulnerability, I believe, breeds better physicians. I hope to be a ‘better’ physician in more ways than one.

Even if the purpose of this exercise is to foster vulnerability, it still feels good to get a follower or two. 🙂 A bit of positive feedback goes a long way. Thanks, you guys, for joining me early on this medical journey!

In celebration, I wanted to share some photos of my plants. I don’t have many (possibly ANY) posts under “Cultivations,” the section that was supposed to be all about my plant babies. So, enjoy some photos below. 😊

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