The Summary of Me

Yesterday, I wrote about how I struggle to write about myself. The day before, I wrote about how forcing myself to write and publish something every day will, hopefully, make me a more humble, better physician.

Well, today I got an email from the deans of the medical program I am about to enter — asking for 250 words about myself. This isn’t going to be some short bio buried in a program with the bios of 180 other people in the Columbia P&S class, however. I got into the Columbia-Bassett program, which only accepts 10 people. These bio is meant for the other 9 people to get to know me.

Readers (what, like, 2 of you there are 😉), I cannot tell you how much I dislike writing bios about myself. But I’ve got to do it.

And I will EMBRACE it, okay??

I’ve avoided writing an “About Me” page on this blog, even though something like that is vital for beginning blogs. I’ve decided that this 250 word bio will be my chance to introduce myself, fully, to the blogging world (even if, again, that blogging world currently consists of two people 😂).

So here we go:

Ryan is a recent graduate from the University of Texas at Austin, where she received a BSA in Biology & Psychology with a multidisciplinary certificate focused on social work, education, and child welfare. She most recently worked at safety net clinic in Austin, Texas, where she was an integral part of a newly-developing communications department.

Ryan’s interest in medicine originally stemmed from her childhood in a rural East Texas town of <200 people, a medically underserved area where most families were affected by multiple social determinants of health (like poverty, limited access to groceries or educational opportunities, and lack of public infrastructure). Since then, Ryan has had multiple caregiving experiences that familiarized her with the difficulties people of all walks of life face when accessing care. As a result, Ryan is very interested in public health and primary care, hoping to one day work to deliver care to underserved populations. Areas of medicine that particularly interest her are pediatrics/adolescent health, psychiatry/mental health, and LGBTQIA+ health. She also plans to be active in the community and do advocacy work.

In her structured free time, Ryan is also a writer and is currently editing a draft of her novel, which she hopes to publish sometime in the next decade. Her favorite genre of novels and television is science fiction. She is also an avid cat mom and plant lover — an unfortunate combination, as she is often forced to spend her unstructured free time stopping her cat, Artemis, from eating her beloved plants.

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