Handwriting a Novel

My goal for my gap year was to write. Often.

My previous blog fizzled out (of course πŸ™„), but I did manage to write a novel.

It’s utter crap – I have a problem with compulsive editing and reediting, and had been writing my first chapter for two and a half years. I finally put a stopper on that and decided to hand write my novel in four, beautiful Flame Tree notebooks. Turns out, if I can’t go back and delete select paragraphs, insert new sentences, and replace entire pages, I am able to turn off the editor andΒ just write.

And I did. I started writing my novel in December, after all of my medical school interviews had died down, and finished my novel by April.

As I said – it’s utter crap. Editing is an important part of the writing process, and I needed a way to trick myself into only letting myself edit at the end. That means, of course, that I couldn’t stop a paragraph halfway through, erase it, and rewrite it. That also means that if I forgot a scene, I just had to pretend that I had put it where it belonged and start writing as if I had. My novel, therefore, makes no sense.

But it’s a relief to know that I can, physically, write 140,000 words. Very very physically. Literally physically. As in literally, I have a callus on my right middle finger from my pen. I wear it like an engagement ring. 😘

And, over the course of the next four years, I hope that this transforms into something more than utter crap. This blog is about my medical journey, first and foremost, but it’s also about the things I do to stay human. One of those things is to write — this novel, sure, but also other things. Like poetry, which I may or may not post because, god, what a great way to bare your soul to a harsh and unforgiving cyberspace. 😳 But we’ll see.

If you are interested in following this journey, I’d love to have you along for the ride. In the beginning stages of my blog, I’ll be posting a bit more about my will-one-day-be-a-novel, which I am calling God of Cancer. For now, I’ll just finish with my (slightly-too-long-to-be-a) hook:

On a future Earth rebuilding from a systems-wide catastrophe, a war hero and her two daughters fight to grant sapient rights to a nonintelligent sex bot with real(istic) emotions.

With that, I’ll say adieu — and thanks for tuning in. 😊

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